The Plot Thickens

So, while the Ocean Shores, Westport, and Aberdeen hotels are booked solid, I did find a hotel in Montesano which is near Aberdeen. I seriously considered going for it. Aside from everything else, I could have used a change of environment. Well. Now that’s not happening. I may need the money that I would have […]

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6.24 B&E

I should have known the coastal hotels would be all booked up. I’m struggling not to be moody about this. I know there are worse things. I am having a moment where I think the minute I got paid out, I should have booked a 3-day ferry up to Whittier and lodged somewhere in Anchorage […]

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Turnin’ the Day Around

I’m not apologizing for this: The first version I ever heard was, I believe, Gloria Estefan. My mood improved markedly on the way to Burfoot Park, a place I’d never been. Driving somewhere new on a warm, sunny day has become a novelty. I rolled along in a wide screen dream. It was almost like […]

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Ellis Cove in May

In my last post I fussed about whether to visit Tumwater Hills Park or Ellis Cove. Ultimately, Ellis Cove won the argument. When I visit Tumwater Hills Park, it will be all about showing everyone how intense the hills are and less about beauty. Although – to be fair -Washington State is gorgeous everywhere this […]

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About Page, Part II

How shall I explain this? The following page is not really designed for my current followers. I have my reasons for this page, and they have nothing to do with blogging :). Although, if you’re new to my blog on WordPress, please feel free to visit the real About Page where you’ll find an index […]

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