Welcome to ZeroSpace. I write about mental health, music and sometimes I throw in comedy with a sprinkle of culture. Here are some of my posts arranged for easy navigation:

The ZeroSpace InterviewMy interview is a good place to start.

Recent Posts

Playin’ – a little guitar action

My Psychedelic Experiences – a journey into my past psychonaut adventures.

Squirrel Video Footage – I finally caught her beggin’ on camera!

Comedy Posts

Original Tire Witch

Revenge of The Tire Witch

Quirky Comedy.  This is my alter ego mixed with Hunter S. Thompson. 

Return of The Witch – Part I  – It gets better.

Return of The Witch – Part II  – It gets crazier.

Music Posts 

Saturn Returns

jeff-buckley-possible-main-picJeff Buckley

Profile on the late singer Jeff Buckley.

Soundgarden A profile on Soundgarden


The Smashing Pumpkins Huge profile on The Smashing Pumpkins.


 Culture / Film posts 

oil painting old guy cropped

Inside Waking Life

A profile on Rick Linklater’s indie film Waking Life.  Stunning images included. 

The Trip

Profile of 1960’s indie film The Trip starring Peter Fonda.

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