Ellis Cove in May

In my last post I fussed about whether to visit Tumwater Hills Park or Ellis Cove. Ultimately, Ellis Cove won the argument.

When I visit Tumwater Hills Park, it will be all about showing everyone how intense the hills are and less about beauty. Although – to be fair -Washington State is gorgeous everywhere this time of year. However, Ellis Cove takes the cake for being the more photogenic of the two options. As you will soon see.

Much of this has to do with the trail’s proximity to the ocean. There was a moment when I stood on the path, looking through the trees out toward the water, and I thought, “Hot damn, this sort of reminds me of Kincaid Park in Anchorage…” (which is a massive compliment to any trail in the world). It’s true – I’m not botanist – but there is something totally magical about the appearance of trees and plants situated on bluffs near the ocean. So I took some photographs. Of course.

The best one. You can turn the color all the way up on any photo – but you can’t improve on the perfect angle. The perfect angle is all within the human eyeball…. and your inner opportunist.
I never get tired of the green.
The trail leads out to the beach.
The other direction of the same scene


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