Reblog: Here’s Some Stuff I Thought About

My blogger friend Holly has some very entertaining posts and I am surprised that she does not have more followers. Update: Okay, I just figured out that I cannot officially reblog Holly’s post because of how she has her blog set up. Whatever theme she is using. However. I will post a snippet of her comedy here and then at the end paste a link to her blog so you can go read the rest.

Nothing to See Here

I had to leave my house to meet a friend a few days ago, which meant that I needed to get dressed in actual clothes. I squirmed my way into some jeans, which were tighter than I anticipated. They were generously stretchy, but not worn for a while, so still a little stiff, especially in the knees. No worries, I wasn’t planning anything athletic, especially since my legs were already tired & sore from all the bullshit squats that Ralph made me do the day before.

I said my goodbyes and headed to the car. I opened the door, lifted my leg and tripped through the door, jamming my finger in the process. You see, the sore leg and tight jeans conspired to prevent me from lifting my leg high enough to clear the running board. It was pretty impressive, and I’m thrilled to report that my neighbor was on deck to observe, so I waved sheepishly with my un-injured hand and went on my way.

This incident reminded me of a childhood trauma involving too tight jeans, bulk gumballs in a thin plastic bag and running for the school bus. I should probably write about that one sometime.

Pooping on Speakerphone

The title says it all. Is this a thing now? The last few times I have used a restroom in a grocery store there have been people in there pooping while having a conversation on speakerphone. I’m not judging them for pooping, because I was there for that same reason, but is this chat they are having really that pressing? It’s not like they are being stealthy, because as I mentioned they were on speakerphone AND I courtesy flush, so there are clues from ambient noise. It makes me feel like I am somehow being rude for pooping and flushing during their convo. I don’t like it.”

heh heh heh. Read more of Holly’s blog at:

7 thoughts on “Reblog: Here’s Some Stuff I Thought About

  1. I have no idea how any of this works. I looked to see if I could sort it out, but I couldn’t find any settings that seemed to do the trick. I’ll continue to try. In the meantime, thank you. What a compliment 🙂

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    1. Well of course! I love your blog. I am sure the link is missing because I fucked something up. Haha. I’ll try again later at my laptop. I guess in the meantime curious people can just click to your blog from your comment.

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  2. I’ve seen crappy blogs with tons of followers and I’ve seen good blogs with a small handful of followers at most. Followers do not equate to killer content. My #1 piece of advice is to focus on engagement levels and make sure the comment button isn’t deactivated. Going self-hosted can kill a blog as well…..

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    1. What I like so much about Holly, among other things, is she doesn’t care. She writes for the void. She vents her frustration and it ends up being comic. She is one of the few bloggers who complains about things lot and doesn’t annoy me. It’s because she just has this way of complaining that is entertaining and that I can relate to. You should check her out, Hilary, it’s worth your time. Start with the post I plugged here

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