Song # 2 – Precious Things – Tori Amos

I’m doing two songs of the month! This is to make up for lost time. My blog, my rules. Tori Amos performing Precious Things live in 1998. If memory serves, I believe this is the song that launched her career. I love this particular live arrangement. It matches my current smoldering irritation. Just like her smoldering gaze in this video. What a Goddess. The red-haired modern Mozart. I want to eat that singing voice like chocolate. When she soars all up into those high notes. Listen to that iconic piano roll out in the beginning. The dark stormy ocean rolls forward under a black sky, waves crest and when she hits those deep bass notes lightning strikes. I never realized until this very moment that the song might actually be about cutting. I seriously never thought about it until now. Wow. Not sure how I missed that one. Damn they’ve got an excellent sound system setup going here as well.

HaHA! Look at this fucking comment that somebody posted about this video:

That comment so makes my day a little better =)


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