Rainy Day Hike

Question: Can you hike in the pouring rain? Answer: yes. Question: Can you take photos in the pouring rain? Answer: Yes, but many of them are going to be a little blurry. You’ll have fun anyway.

Today I headed over to Tolme State Park in Olympia. We’re getting all the rain that should have arrived in October and November. There’s a landslide warning and the wind is blowing hard. So… of course I had to hike.

In the picture above, you can see how some areas of the trail are flooded with little rivers of water. My feet got wet. I used the stumps they install in some places, I climbed around the sides, I hopped and strategized, I have decent hiking shoes and my feet still soaked a few times.

But I enjoy that kind of thing.

Dude. There is a GOBLIN in this fucking tree. I just noticed that. Look closely. I told ya’ll about The Goblins and nobody believes me.

In fact, I may have been a little too enthusiastic. In the bath afterward I noticed mild pain in my left foot. When I rotate it around, there’s all kinds of clicking bone sounds and a continual sort of dull pain. So I’m taking it easy tonight and hoping some rest and protein will fix it up. All that hopping and jumping after being sedentary for two weeks.

Toward the end of the hour-long hike, I started hauling ass. It was getting dark and the trees were making strange creaking and groaning sounds in the wind. It was creepy as fuck.

At some point I heard a strange sound in the woods, almost like a growl. I stiffened up and turned my head every which way. Not long after, I saw a couple heading down the hill I was climbing. Maybe the dude made the growling sound, I thought.

I smiled as I passed.

“I hope you have good shoes if you’re doing the whole run!” I shouted.

“Yeah,” said the woman, “we’ve already gone through a couple huge puddles.”

They didn’t seem too concerned about it. They were the only other people I saw out on this trail today. Which is nice.


Now I’m kind of exhausted. I realize this is like two posts in one day and 3 in total over a weekend, but I’m having that kind of obsessive phase right now.

Hell, I might do the Great Alaska Photo Redux next.

Below are some photos I took in early December on a sunny day. None are edited at all because I’m too lazy after editing the ones above. They’re pretty nice without editing. None of this shit is as good as that fabulous Alaska visit.

But then, this isn’t Alaska.

3 thoughts on “Rainy Day Hike

  1. This is so great to see! With the atrocious weather out there you totally pulled through and went hiking anyway! So cool. It does look creepy in a really cool kinda way… but creepy is my favorite! It’s always fun to add that intensity element to a hike. Thank you for sharing these!!!

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